7th Annual Weather Education Day at Safeco Field

Approximately 5,000 students from around the Puget Sound area are expected to converge on Safeco Field on Wednesday, June 5, for Mariners/KOMO 4 Weather Education Day prior to the Mariners afternoon game against the Chicago White Sox. The program begins at 10:30 a.m. Game time is 12:40 p.m.

KOMO TV Lead Weathercaster Steve Pool will educate students about our changeable Northwest weather, explain the differences between weather and climate, and explore the connections between the two. Pool will use NASA satellite images, shown on the MarinersVision HD video screen, to illustrate his points.

KOMO Meteorologist, and creator of the "Partly to Mostly Bloggin'" site, Scott Sistek will explain the effects of weather on the game of baseball, including temperature and air density, and he'll demonstrate how Safeco Field's new outfield wall dimensions could help compensate for some of those effects on home runs.

Ted Buehner, National Weather Service Meteorologist, will talk about the connection between weather and wildfires, with an assist from a Department of Natural Resources firefighter in full gear.

After the one-hour program, students will be treated to a hot dog lunch, and will attend the Mariners game.