Ventura recalls Draft selection 25 years later

OAKLAND -- On June 1, 1988, Robin Ventura was a star at Oklahoma State University, and he received a phone call that made his dream come true.

The California kid had been drafted 10th overall by the Chicago White Sox.

Twenty-five years ago to the day, Ventura shared what he remembered.

"Back then, there was no Internet, so someone had to get a hold of you, which wasn't always so easy in Stillwater, Oklahoma," he said Saturday. "I think I found out in the afternoon at some point that I was drafted. I was from California and didn't know much about the White Sox. It was just one of those things where someone calls you up and says, 'Hey, you've been drafted by the White Sox.' … 'All right.'

"Nothing happened for a while because I played on the Olympic team and signed after that. It ended up being good, I'm glad it happened. Back then it was, 'Hey, by the way …' There was no fanfare or anything like that."

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