Reporter Drops Mic on Errant Throw

I always get anxious before doing baseball interviews. I worry I might run out of material or say something silly. The least of my worries, however, is the chance of being hit by a baseball mid-interview.

And that was something Sophia Minnaert had to experience during yesterday's Pirates and Brewers game. Minnaert was in the middle of a discussion on the Brewers defensive abilities when she was hit by an errant throw. Fortunately, it technically didn't hit her, but hit the microphone she was holding, dropping it to the ground. Like a true professional, she picked it up and gracefully continued her piece. While she asks if she gets credit for her own defensive abilities, I do think she needs to be patted on the back for her ability to stay composed and finish her segment. Minnaert may not have caught the ball flying at her, but she definitely made the perfect pitch!