The Weird, The Interesting and The Funny: Japanese Baseball Highlights

Hello, reader. Do you like baseball? Well, of course you do; you're here on this website. You wouldn't be here if you didn't, unless you're my mom. Hi, mom! Do you enjoy watching highlights of baseball? If so, this video is for you! The Japanese seem to do things a bit differently than we do in the States & as far as I'm concerned, that's quite alright.

You've got mascots riding motorcycles, former MLB players arguing strikeout calls, aerosal cans bursting, wildlife on the field, lazy defensive plays, children wandering onto the field, a ninja doing what I'm sure he considered a flip and last but certainly not least: WEB GEMS. SO MANY WEB GEMS. I think you catch my drift. This is 13 minutes well spent.

Grab a cold beverage, grab some snacks. You'll be watching this numerous times. I know I did.