Young unlikely to return until Sunday

Young unlikely to return until Sunday

CHICAGO -- Delmon Young likely won't return to the Twins lineup until Sunday, meaning the club will have to make some difficult decisions regarding its active roster.

Young has been on the family medical emergency list for five days to spend time with his ailing mother, Bonnie, who passed away late Monday night after a 3 1/2-month battle with pancreatic and liver cancer. The bereavement list allows a player to miss a minimum of three days and a maximum of seven, which means the Twins will play with a 24-man roster until Young returns, manager Ron Gardenhire said.

The alternative would be to put Young on the restricted list, an option Gardenhire didn't even want to consider doing.

"We definitely don't want to put him on there," Gardenhire said. "With an illness like this, I have no idea why they said three-to-seven days. I don't think life in general gives you three-to-seven days. That probably should be something that's looked at. There should probably be an extension because this restricted list where you don't pay the guy for something like this would be ridiculous.

"The club is protected because we can bring a player up and put him in there," Gardenhire continued. "And one thing that you have to be is heartfelt for Delmon. If he needs more than seven days, I think he should be able to get that."

Young will attend his mother's funeral later this week in Vicksburg, Miss., and Gardenhire said the team is expected to make a roster move after Thursday's matinee against the White Sox.

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