Manti Te'o Girlfriend Bobblehead Night

There is nothing worse than an overplayed joke. Remember back in like 2007 when every other sentence out of everybody’s mouth was “that’s what she said?” I think it might have been the most unfunny year of my life. People were beating a horse that was already six feet under.

Having said that, is it weird that I think a Manti Te’o girlfriend night is kind of funny? Because that’s exactly what the Florence Freedom, an independent team out of Kentucky, decided to do. Specifically, they’re giving away a Lennay Kekua bobblehead that, of course, is just an empty box. During the game, they’re having a pretend kiss cam, an air guitar competition, an imaginary food fight, and if you decide to bring an imaginary friend or date, there’s a designated section you can sit in. I like all that. I can get into all that. I have like twenty imaginary girlfriends (actually, they’re real people, they just don’t know that we’re dating yet). So seeing a game with Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba and Mila Kunis doesn’t sound like such a bad thing. Might even get to pretend kiss them. I’m on board. Just please don’t ask me to participate in the air guitar competition. I wouldn’t want to embarrass my date.