Acoupstix- Sting Em Rays

“Tampa Bay! Sting ‘em Rays!” will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day, no doubt about it. Just a catchy song.

“Sting ‘em Rays” by Acoupstix is the official fan anthem for Tampa Bay this year. On Thursday they debuted it at the Trop during pregame and it is the perfect pregame song for Rays fans. Acoupstix gives fan favorites on the team shout outs to a good beat. From what I could research, Acoupstix was just performing at a show and freestyled a bit afterwards. A member of the Rays organization noticed him, approached him, and asked him to create an anthem to be played at the Trop. Pretty awesome way for the team to connect to fans. I would love to see more ballparks do this – have a local fan create an anthem for the team to play at games. Just please don’t ask me to create one for the Angels. I might be the least musically inclined person I know.