Stan Bronson, Jr. Completes 55th Season as Memphis Bat Boy

Just the other day I was speaking with my fellow Cave Dwellers about how I’d love to own a jersey with “BB” on the back. Bat Boy. No, not Batman’s son (womp womp). To be a bat boy for a professional baseball team seems like something that only is reserved for children or early teens. Don’t say that to Stan Bronson, Jr.!

Stan is 84 years old and holds the record for oldest and longest tenured bat boy, serving the University of Memphis for 55 years! Stan has been a bat boy longer than me and my father had various jobs combined (dad: 45 years, me: 14).

Not only that, but Stan has done this job while battling a disability that was expected to end his life 60 years ago. When told that Memphis didn’t have enough money to pay Stan, he replies, “I don’t need money. I need a job.” That’s work ethic!

It’s incredible to think of what goes on behind the scenes at the baseball game from grounds crew, to ballpark attendants, to janitorial crew. The bat boy is another one of those jobs, involving unseen work to be executed time in and time out without flaw. Stan’s number has been retired at U of Memphis, and for good reason. He’s a diligent worker with a knack for team pride.

My hat goes off to this octogenarian, quite similar to his hat tip to the crowd after every 7th inning in Memphis.