Rick Dempsey: Catcher, Broadcaster, 80's Rock Star

Remember Rick Dempsey? He caught for the Orioles for about 10 years. Well, guess what? Your life just got a little more Radical!

This is a video of Dempsey singing well-known 80’s songs with a few of his pals while acting like the amazing goofball that he is. What’s that, you say? Dempsey belting out the hits just isn’t enough? Well, don’t worry. He takes it to another level. We got Eddie Murray on the drums, a dancing cameo by the Iron Man himself, Cal Ripken Jr, and a few other players jamming along. The original version of this video is over 51 minutes long, and I implore you to watch every second of it just so you can experience the greatest decade of the past 100 years but you’re a busy person and you got things to do.

So I took my favorite parts and cut them down to three minutes of pure 1980’s gold. Grab your fanny pack, hit play and sail off into a simpler time with “Rick Dempsey and the Invisible Orioles Magic Band!" No, seriously. That’s what he called his band. See!? The awesomeness just keeps on coming!