Around the Cage

Around the Cage

Baseball is definitively a talking man's game, a game defined by chatter and a running conversation that begins and ends on the diamond.

That chatter is the heartbeat of Around the Cage,'s daily feature that will provide fans with unique access to the intricacies of big league dialogue.

Every day, will go around the league to ask players, coaches, front-office figures and many others to voice their views on the topic du jour.

Around the Cage will allow you, the fan, to become a fly on the wall in the midst of the back-and-forth that in many ways defines life in the bigs.

Questions will be drawn from any number of issues that might spark pregame debate Around the Cage on that particular day.

Which hot hurler would you least want to face right now?

Who will reign supreme in tonight's "American Idol" finale?

These are the types of topics that will prompt all sorts of daily conversations when goes Around the Cage.

Every Around the Cage piece will be archived here, so be sure to check back each day for the latest discussion.

Want to suggest a new Around the Cage topic or comment on one of the stories you've read? Don't hesitate to post your ideas below.

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