Baby Recites Retired Yankee Numbers

Holy adorable tiny person. If this isn't the most hardcore Yankee fan in America in the making, I don't know who is. I mean, everyone knows that Yankees fans are few and far in between (HA) so I guess these parents took it into their own hands to make sure their 18-month-old baby loves the Yanks.

I have to give major props to this insanely smart little lady. Not only does she blow my mind by reciting all of the Yankees retired numbers AND the player with the same name as her, but just look at those cheeks. She is killin' it. Great addition to that huge Yankee fan base.

I hope my future baby knows it has A LOT to live up to. My expectations are high. I'm talking the Indians' starting lineup, bullpen, prospects, the whole nine yards. Parenthood is gonna be FUN.