Fernando Tatis Discovers Microsoft Paint

At the MLB Fan Cave, it’s often said that we blend baseball with pop culture. We’re not all baseball all the time (but at the same time, we kind of are). One way we bridge those two together is by our brand new Fan Cave Art Gallery. In case you don’t know, we feature a new artist every 4-6 weeks. Mr. Brainwash was our first artist and we are in the process of featuring a new artist. Well, right now I’m officially putting my request in to have Fernando Tatis’ Microsoft Paint art up next. They’re unreal. He just discovered Paint a few days ago and this is the first one he made for all baseball fans:

retweet if you love baseball (i personally made this for everyone) twitter.com/FernandoTatis1…

— Fernando Tatís (@FernandoTatis17) May 6, 2013

If that doesn’t blend baseball with pop culture, I’m not sure what does. He even created a piece inspired by, and I’m assuming here, his love for pizza.

Ummm, yes, please? We’re in New York, so obviously pizza is a staple here. And for $1? And handicap friendly? Fernando gets it. I really hope he keeps pumping out art. Right now it’s at sort of an unparalleled pace. I mean he just discovered his passion for Microsoft Paint a mere four days ago. Five pieces of art in four days? Unheard of. So to say thanks and to sort of pay homage to Fernando, here’s my first piece, inspired by Fernando.

(It’s me with your jersey on at the Fan Cave. I hope you like it.)