Worth noting

• Giants legend and Hall of Famer Willie Mays celebrated his 82th birthday Monday. Giants media relations manager Matt Chisholm turned 33, "49 years younger than Mays," as noted by AP writer Janie McCauley.

• May 6 also marked the one-year anniversary of Angel Pagan reaching 20 games in his hitting streak. Pablo Sandoval also had a 20-game hitting streak last year, and he and Pagan became just the second set of Giants teammates to record 20-game hitting streaks in the same season. Mays and Don Mueller did it in 1954.

• The Giants have sold out their last 181 regular-season games. On May 6 of last year, the streak hit 99.

• On May 6, 1971, the Bay Area baseball writers threw a 40th birthday party for Mays, which included Commissioner Bowie Kuhn. Manager Charlie Fox sang "Willie Boy" to the tune of "Danny Boy."

Rick Eymer is a contributor to MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.