Ryan Howard Homers for Blind Child

Ryan Howard has hit 305 home runs in his career, but the one that he hit on Friday may have had the most significance. During the pre-game ceremony before the Phillies game against the Marlins, the team hosted Teacher Appreciation Night and invited both the winning teachers and the student nominators to attend. One student in attendance was a blind seven-year-old boy named A.J., who had nominated his braille teacher. When A.J. got the opportunity to meet Ryan Howard he told the slugger, "I want you to hit a home run for me tonight."

Typically, the story would end there, but it didn’t. When Howard came up to the plate to lead off the second inning, he launched the ball over the right field fence. A.J’s response to the home run? "Oh my gosh! That was probably for me," he said! What a great story.

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