Mitch Poole Shares Incredible Bobblehead Collection

Mitch Poole has a massive collection of bobbleheads. How massive, you ask?

Well, it’s more massive than his collection of bobblebodies.

Seriously, though, who collects bobblebodies? Do they even make those? That just seems weird and unnatural.

Anyway, the Dodgers clubhouse manager has been collecting, trading and buying his shaky noggin statues for around 25 years now and plans on continuing his exploits into the weird world of miniature plastic players. I for one hope that he never stops and someday makes a giant coffee table book where he poses next to every bobblehead he has. He can call it, “Mitch’s Mini Major Leaguers.”

Check out the video for a glimpse of Mitch Poole’s vast bobble head collection.