No Wild Card Standings

It’s May! We’ve officially been through the first month of the 2013 season! Pat yourself on the back. You’ve seen more than 400 MLB games!*

*I have. Not you. As of May 1st.

Let’s take a look at the standings as they were on May 1st. NO, WAIT! Let’s do something more fun. Let’s recognize the fact that the final year with no wild card was 20 years ago! Seems like yesterday that the San Francisco Giants won 103 games and didn’t make the playoffs! Since MLB deemed that unfair and not cool, they split baseball into three divisions in each league and said the second-best team out of the three divisions goes to the Postseason. They made the WILD CARD! A very cool thing that gives the playoffs a spicier tang.

What if that never happened?

Ooooooh CRAZY!! NOW let’s take a look at the standings… (NOTE: I understand that not all teams played the same amount of games. This is just for fun. Don’t be a hater. Don’t be that guy.)

This pic below shows the 1993 standings:

American League East
Boston Red Sox 18-8 (.692)
New York Yankees 16-10 (.615)
Detroit Tigers 15-10 (.600)
Baltimore Orioles 16-11 (.593)
Milwaukee Brewers 14-11 (.560)
Cleveland Indians 11-13 (.458)
Toronto Blue Jays 10-17 (.370)

American League West
Texas Rangers 17-9 (.654)
Kansas City Royals 14-10 (.583)
Oakland Athletics 16-12 (.571)
Seattle Mariners 12-17 (.414)
Minnesota Twins 11-12 (.478)
Chicago White Sox 10-15 (.400)
California Angels 9-17 (.346)

National League East
St. Louis Cardinals 15-11 (.577)
Pittsburgh Pirates 15-12 (.556)
Montreal Expos 13-14 (.481)
Philadelphia Phillies 12-15 (.444)
New York Mets 10-15 (.400)
Chicago Cubs 10-16 (.385)
Florida Marlins 8-19 (.296)

National League West
Atlanta Braves 17-9 (.654)
Colorado Rockies 16-11 (.593)
San Francisco Giants 15-12 (.556)
Cincinnati Reds 15-13 (.536)
Los Angeles Dodgers 13-13 (.500)
San Diego Padres 10-16 (.385)
Houston Astros 8-19 (.296)

The Atlanta Braves are the only team from 1993 to make the Postseason both then and now, in this ridiculous, meaningless study of mine. The Boston Red Sox are the best team in the majors. I’d assume they’d beat the Braves in the Worlds Series in six games and I’d probably take my shirt off in celebration.

Speaking of ridiculous assumptions a month into the season…

AL Rookie of the Year – Conor Gillaspie
AL Cy Young – Clay Buchholz
AL MVP – Chris Davis
NL Rookie of the Year – Shelby Miller
NL Cy Young – Matt Harvey
NL MVP – Justin Upton

None of this matters anyway. What do you think will happen in the rest of the season?