Fan Plays Catch with Derek Lowe

On April 25, while the Rangers were playing at Target Field, Twins fan Mateo Fischer got the incredible opportunity to play catch with Rangers pitcher Derek Lowe before the game.

“I entered the stadium trying to snag baseballs that game,” Fischer told me via email. “When I saw Lowe I asked him if he could toss me a ball. He tossed me the ball, but then flapped his glove for me to throw the ball back. We then threw back and forth for about 10-15 minutes!”

Fischer stated that he has been honored to have the opportunity to also play catch with Ryota Igarashi (a former reliever for the Mets) and Jim Wright (pitching coach for the Colorado Rockies) in the past. While he admitted that he was grateful to have the opportunity with each, he said that his favorite moment so far was the one that he shared with Lowe.

“Playing catch with Lowe was incredible. It was by far the longest and he was definitely the most conversational of any of them. He had something to say about almost each throw, both his and mine. He spun a bunch of pitches to me as well while overemphasizing the speeds of the fastballs he was tossing me from thirty feet out!”

When asked to conclude his thoughts on the whole experience, Fischer got right to the point. “In short, it was awesome!”

What is your favorite moment you have shared with a ballplayer? Comment below.