Video: Cardinals Attempt to Spell Rzepczynski

Alright, to kick this blog off I’m going to attempt to spell this professional baseball player’s last name without looking. There are a few facts I know about his name: It starts with an “R” and there’s a “Z” in there somewhere. Here goes nothing: Ryzpenski. Let me check copy and paste to see how I did. “Rzepczynski.” ACK. So close(?).

But, seriously, there’s nothing worse than a bad speller. Please don’t ever confuse “your” and “you’re.” Excuse me, bro, it’s not “defiantly,” it’s “definitely.” In terms of spelling Rzepczynski, I feel like I get a free pass because I’m not on his team. Not sure if Joe Kelly or Daniel Descalso have a built-in excuse. He’s on your team. You see his locker like every day of the week. You see his jersey like every day of the week. That’s like when my teammates or friends spell my last name “Ferris.” It’s just so easy to spell it correctly. All you have to do is pay attention. So clean it up, fellas. Clean it up.