O's batboy has brush with fire

OAKLAND -- An A's employee assigned to the visitor's clubhouse, who also served as the O's batboy on Friday, came forward Saturday after it was revealed that his uniform caught fire in the Orioles' dugout during the ninth inning of Friday night's 3-0 victory over Oakland.

The topic came up Saturday when several players started talking about it. Some players never knew what happened.

"I was trying to stay out of the way," said Colin, the batboy and a student at San Jose State. "I didn't even realize anything was wrong until I saw four or five guys laughing and pointing."

Colin, who was standing next to the heater in the dugout, could laugh about it, because there was no damage except to the pant legs of his Orioles uniform.

"You're not supposed to get warm by getting into the heater," said O's manager Buck Showalter, who showed genuine concern for Colin's well-being.

Rick Eymer is a contributor to MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.