This is Sportscenter: Clayton Kershaw

I love the “This is Sportscenter” commercials and I love the Dodgers. Put them together and you have television gold. Fellow Cave Dweller Travis Miller recently ranked the Top 5 "This is Sportscenter" commercials of all time.

Well, folks, we've just been handed a new #1. Clayton Kershaw has become the latest athlete to appear in the long running ESPN commercial and the first Dodger to do so since Andre Ethier made his Sportscenter debut in 2010. In the :16-second spot, Kershaw is bored talking on the phone in his office and throwing pencils at the ceiling. Under any normal circumstance this wouldn’t be very entertaining to watch, but Clayton Kershaw is no normal circumstance. Kershaw is the ace of the Dodgers staff and the 2011 Cy Young award winner. He doesn’t just throw these pencils with normal velocity. He flings them at such a speed that they penetrate the ceiling and almost impale the anchor whose office is directly above his. Hilarity ensues.

Check it out: