Most Awesome Strikeout Call Ever

Umpires might not admit it, but when there are two strikes on a hitter their mouth starts to water. They can nearly taste that backwards K. Each umpire has their own signature punch-out call. Some might go with the “business as usual” route and go with a “both arms extended and pulling the right arm back” move. That’s a classic and always will be. However, some umps like to show it off a bit. Show a little personality. Get a little flashy. That’s exactly what my boy here is doing. Does he want to show the hitter up? Absolutely not. Did he get caught up in the moment a little bit? Absolutely. I’m 73% sure that the hitter was halfway to the dugout by the time he was officially recorded as an out. I fully support this. Players have their signature swings. Their quirks. Umpires have punch-out calls. That’s baseball and I love it.