What is the Most Perfect Game?

So far we at the MLB Fan Cave have seen Yu Darvish pitch a perfect game to the last batter, Matt Harvey carry a no-hitter into the 7th inning and Clay Buchholz take a no-no bid into the 8th. No glorious celebrations yet, but we’re still hopeful.

We may see a perfect game, but I wonder what the MOST PERFECT game would consist of…

-The pitcher strikes out all 27 batters in order, throwing only 81 pitches.
-Every batter hits for the cycle.
-Somehow, there’s a walk-off grand slam.
-A fan jumps on the field and eludes security guards for eight minutes before getting high fives from every player on the field.
-Jenny Dell, reporter for the Boston Red Sox, is on camera picture-in-picture the whole game.
-Vin Scully, Bob Uecker and Jerry Remy call the game.
-It’s Game 7 of the World Series and the Red Sox beat a team that won 162 games during the regular season.
-Taco Bell gives America free tacos for life, for a player stealing home four times.
-The umpires hug each batter before they come to the plate.
-A kitten and puppy come on the field and everyone is cool with it and lets it run its course.
-Every fan in foul ground catches a foul ball.
-The movie Dumb & Dumber plays on the Jumbrotron.
-Bill Murray throws out the first pitch. Twice.
-Metallica plays The National Anthem, but unlike when they will in San Francisco on May 3, this rendition is an epic eight minutes long.
-Metallica then teams up with Paul McCartney for God Bless America. That’s a nine-minute rendition.
-It’s free Tom Hanks bobblehead night.
-The next season begins the next day, as the offseason has been eliminated.

It could happen. What would be in the most perfect game for you? Comment below.