Worth noting

• Showalter, not usually a proponent of big team meetings or speeches, gathered his club on Monday to talk about the year ahead.

"I did it yesterday before they left," Showalter said. "I said, 'Hopefully, you guys won't hear from me again.' That's what we did last year. Most of the stuff I said falls underneath Captain Obvious. I don't want to ever give them too many [obvious points]. I got it. They got it."

• Showalter wasn't worried about the Orioles' position players jumping back into the grind of playing full nine-inning games after a lengthy Spring Training schedule, during which players rarely stayed in for an entire game.

"Physically, I think everybody's looking forward to playing in a little more normal baseball environment," Showalter said. "This is what they do. They've done it since they were little boys. This is the endgame. This is why we do everything we do, to get to this point."

• Showalter said right-hander Chris Tillman, on the disabled list with a left abdominal strain, hasn't made any adjustments to his pre-start routine as he prepares to take the ball for the Orioles' game against the Twins on Saturday.

"We think he's got the physical issues behind him, so he's just getting ready to pitch that fifth game," Showalter said.

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