Japan pregame interviews March 17

THE MODERATOR:  We'll get started with the Japanese team and manager Yamamoto.

Q.  AT&T Park is very difficult for hitters historically.  Have you instructed in workouts for your hitters to take a different approach at all?  And on the flip side, with the outfield being so large here, especially in right center, how have your outfielders prepared for this ballpark?

KOJI YAMAMOTO:  (Not in English.)  Nothing special, I haven't done anything.  Of course, outfielders are getting coaching in terms of cushion holders and stuff, but of course it's going to be harder to get the home runs, so we will just make sure we catch the balls properly.

Q.  Before the game today both Sadaharu Oh and Hara Kantoku are here.  Have you had a chance to speak with them at all and is there anything you can share about what they told you about what kind of conversations you had?

KOJI YAMAMOTO:  (Not in English.)  This is very encouraging to have them over here and I was really encouraged to have them here.

Q.  (Not in English.)  I may be asking a silly question, but yesterday you had some trouble with not being able to receive equipment or the bus getting broken.  So is there any grief today?  I know, it's such a silly question.

KOJI YAMAMOTO:  (Not in English.)  I was ready to experience anything, so I'm not shaken.

Q.  Last time in the World Baseball Classic, and the time before, the Japanese team had current active Major League players from the United States that were playing in the United States.  What does it say about the strength of Nippon Professional Baseball League that your team entirely consisted of the Nippon professional players is back here now in the semi‑finals?

KOJI YAMAMOTO:  (Not in English.)  I think our strength comes from the same thing, just teamwork, everybody being one in their heart.  And that's why we were able to win, and I think we have the same atmosphere on the team.

Q.  Is it extra special for you and your ballclub to have Sadaharu here?

KOJI YAMAMOTO:  (Not in English.)  Of course some of them come from their team, so I'm sure everybody's feeling encouraged.

Q.  (Not in English.)  What kind of pitching do you expect out of Maeda?

KOJI YAMAMOTO:  (Not in English.)  I just want him to do his own pitching.

THE MODERATOR:  All right.  Thank you very much.