March 16 Tony Pena and Edinson Volquez interview, Dominican Republic

Q.  Tony, can you talk about Hanley Ramirez, how motivated he's been?  He played here, of course, hears a little bit of boos and hits a long home run.  What have you seen from him?

TONY PEÑA:  I think Hanley handled everything great.  We had a tough decision when we began the WBC, because I had three shortstops.  I wanted to play all three shortstops in one game, and Hanley said, I can play third.  Everybody adjusted right into this.  He's been doing great.  Maybe average‑wise he's not swinging the bat the way he's capable of swinging, but the two home runs that he hit mean something for the ballclub.

Q.  What can you say about how your starting pitching stacks up at this point going forward?

TONY PEÑA:  Well, you know, great.  Today we're going to pitch Wandy Rodriguez.  I said before that I would have liked to keep Wandy to pitch the first game, but then he would have too many days in between since he pitched, and those guys are still in Spring Training and we need to make sure that they pitch on a regular basis.  That's the reason we throw Wandy Rodriguez today, Volquez the first day in San Francisco, and then Deduno.

Q.  Joe Torre had talked about some of the difficulties with balancing guys being in Spring Training mode, like you said, and getting everyone their work in with winning games.  You seem to be sticking with, outside of today, a pretty steady lineup.  Do you feel like you're having a hard time balancing some of that?

TONY PEÑA:  Not really, you know, because I tried to get everybody ‑‑ one thing that we have done, we have done some extra work to keep everybody sharp, to keep everybody in Spring Training mode.  They do their work, do their conditioning.  This way they don't lose any time.

Obviously I had to keep 10 with Tejada.  In the session today, you have Sierra in left field.  But I think it's tough, too.  It's tough to do it because you want to play everybody, but at the same time you want to win and you want to keep everybody sharp.  This is one of the toughest things that we have to deal with in this WBC.

Q.  Edinson, in your first outing you had a certain problem with control.  Tomorrow or whenever, how do you plan to have better control of the strike zone?  How do you plan to be successful?

EDINSON VOLQUEZ:  (From Spanish) They are very good players.  I've been working with Castro to be a bit more aggressive in the strike zone, especially now that we'll face a Japanese or the Netherlands team, so the pitching is better now and we'll do a better job.

Q.  Edinson, getting the meaningful innings, getting your work done, how sharp are you compared to where you would be in three weeks?

EDINSON VOLQUEZ:  I think we did a pretty good job before we got to Spring Training to try to get ready for the WBC.  I think most of the guys over here on our team are ready to play, especially me, too.  I threw a lot of bullpen before I came down.  I threw like five bullpens down in Dominican, threw like six more down in Arizona, and I pitched like two games over there.  This is going to be my sixth start of the year, so I'm in pretty good shape right now.