Marco Mazzieri, Tiago Da Silva interview March 11

Q: Tell us how you feel to be in this second round against those tough teams. You were like the underdog and now you are here in the second round. And Tiago, how do you feel tomorrow to pitch against a tough team like the Dominican Republic? Gracias.

MARCO MAZZIERI: Well, it feels great to be here, but I think we had some great teams to play in Phoenix. So really it's not that big of a difference being here to play the Dominicans and Puerto Rican team and possibly USA again because we can't worry about who we're playing. All we can worry about is ourselves and do well what we can do well and just try to handle that part of the game, because if you read those lineups, you get scared, so you don't want to really think about that too much and just focus on what their strengths are and go from there.

TIAGO DA SILVA: It feels great just to know that I will be the starting pitcher tomorrow. I was looking forward to this moment to possibly face a very good lineup, whatever that may have been, and I will try to do everything possible to get a W.

I feel very well being here. We feel we deserve it. We played the games in Phoenix. I believe that nobody gave us anything, and it is unbelievable to be here in the second round of the World Baseball Classic, something that never happened to Italy, and I think that will be very good for us in the long term and for the game in Italy.

Mike Piazza, he's a star. He's a Big League star and he's unbelievable, how to take advantage of him as a batting coach for the guys and everything. So the energy and everything that he knows, he's very good for all the guys to develop the young guys, as well, and also for the Big Leagues.

Q: If you can just talk about what in particular the team did right to advance to the second round.

MARCO MAZZIERI: I would say we played as a team. I think this is a team that has no egos going on in the clubhouse, and everybody is doing what is the right thing to do at the right time. Nobody is trying to do too much, and they're not worried about their batting average or ERA or personal performances, they're worried about the team as a group. The team has a goal, and possibly we'll be able to reach that goal by peak performances that we've been having so far.

Q: Tiago, you'll be facing this pro lineup. Which player from the Dominican Republic are you most afraid of?

TIAGO DA SILVA: I am impressed by any batter. The Dominican team is very strong with the lineup. I'll face them the first through the ninth, and I'll try to pitch well for everyone. There are no exceptions, nothing that is easy.

Q: What was the workout this morning? How did the team look, and how do you feel going into this?

MARCO MAZZIERI: We talked for about 47 seconds to the team, as we do every morning. We don't need to speak too much to the team prior to games like this. They are ready to go, and I decided to start with Tiago tomorrow, and we'll have our bullpen fresh and ready to go, and we're just about ready, can't wait to get there tomorrow.

Q: Do you know who is the starting pitcher for Dominican Republic tomorrow?

MARCO MAZZIERI: No, I wasn't informed.

THE MODERATOR: Edison Volquez will be starting tomorrow.


MARCO MAZZIERI: Yeah, that's what I thought. Thank you.