Spain Postgame Interview March 10

Q. Could you give us your thoughts on your team's performance in the tournament.

MAURO MAZZOTTI: Well, today we started good, as opposed to the two previous games, but you cannot play just half a game with these teams. I mean, the baseball rules are that you have to be we had two outs and gave up six runs, and that killed our chances quite a bit. And in the end tried a little bit to mix and match, putting in different pitchers against different hitters, but you cannot give anything away to these people.

Q. What do you think about Spain's performance up to this point in the tournament?

MAURO MAZZOTTI: Well, I think as I said before that we were almost one of the last teams to qualify for the Classic, and it's the first time we're in such an important tournament. I believe that we can play at the level of those teams. Logically, I mean, you cannot give anything away, as I said before, but I believe that we had a good run here, and we may have to go back to the qualifier round to be able to play here again, but we know what we're seeing now.

Q. The expectations that you guys had before coming here to Puerto Rico, are you satisfied? Were they met?

MAURO MAZZOTTI: Well, you know that when you come here you want to set a minimum goal and a maximum goal.

A minimum goal was to be able to compete with these people, not to get here and have three blowouts and go home, kind of without really playing. We showed that we can play with these people.

The other objective was to win games. We almost did it, half game, but realistically, well, they're stronger than us, and they started to get hits.