Japan Postgame Interview March 10

Japan Postgame Interview March 10

First of all what a great game, what is in your mind right now?

KOJI YAMAMOTO: Yes, everybody thinks the Japanese team plays small baseball, but I didn't expect we hit six home runs. We have got a gift from God since the day before yesterday's tournament, this ballgame against Chinese Taipei.

Q. The first game you've hit a lead off home run?

TAKASHI TORITANI: Yes, I was the lead off guy, so I was trying to be on base. That's what I feel. So I'm trying to free swing. That led to my lead off home run.

Q. Your tournament outing, two consecutive scoreless outing.

KENTA MAEDA: The last outing, I got a great result. I think pitched better. My personal condition is getting better, and so far, tonight is the best.

Q. Congratulations for the semifinal for three consecutive tournaments.

KOJI YAMAMOTO: First of all, our aiming is go to the states, the USA, and finally we did and we reached our aiming, and I am so happy right now. So the next step is to clinch the semifinals and then go to the final.

Q. You changed the lineups for six games, and is finally, the offensive lineup is finally concluded?

KOJI YAMAMOTO: Some of the players are not hitting well, and Toritani, yes, he's got the first base hit of the tournament it. Became a home run. I think this caused from the field, the day before yesterday. A lot of players has got together being on the one team.

Q. You pitched against Netherlands. What did you prepare exactly, and how do you feel after you actually faced against Netherlands?

KENTA MAEDA: Yes, I am not trying to let them hit an extra base. Pay attention not to let them hit extra bases. Location is up and down, but generally, thanaks to my offense, they scored first. That gave me confidence.

Q. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the great Japan earthquake and tsunami. Is there any thought of what a win in this round would mean for the people who suffered through that?

KOJI YAMAMOTO: Yes, tomorrow is the second anniversary from Tohoku, and imagine the past years, and it will continue, but what we can do is play hard and try to send some sometimes. And the our team tomorrow, we prepare and I am wishing if we can send some messages as a team for tomorrow.

Q. Toritani scored the lead off home run, and you scored in the first inning, was it a big effect?

KOJI YAMAMOTO: Yes, definitely, without a doubt, it was a huge home run. Team Netherlands has a strong offense, so Toritani gave us a big brave performance, and also made a, every time he pitched, he's been a better pitcher, every time. He's someone who we rely on.

Q. Can you talk about the baseball and how different it is from the NPB baseball they use in Japan? Seems to be playing a little bit better.

TAKASHI TORITANI: When I hit, when I make a contact, the ball we are using at the NPB is a little bit I feel a little bit heavier, and I feel a little pressure off from the baseball.

This time, the WBC baseball is easy to hit. I feel less pressure from the baseball when I hit.