March 9 Mauro Mazzotti interview, Spain

Q. How do you feel after that ninth inning?  What went through your mind as the inning went on and you were getting people on base?

MAURO MAZZOTTI:  Well, you know that with a home run we could have tied it, and with Barbaro at the plate, he was the right man at the right time, but that didn't happen.

Q.  You said that you were going to go game by game in terms of your pitching, your rotation, and now Spain is out of the race.  What's your rotation with Venezuela tomorrow?

MAURO MAZZOTTI:  Tomorrow we're going to open with Richard Castillo, who knows the Venezuelan players very well.  He is Venezuelan, and he has pitched with Lara.  And we had scheduled it that way from the beginning.

Every pitcher is available besides the starter Negrin.  Everyone who pitched yesterday in relief ‑‑ Richard Salazar can pitch tomorrow, and those who pitched today in relief, the last ones can pitch tomorrow, all of them.

So in terms of numbers, we're fine in numbers.

Q.  You commented that you had the right man at plate with Barbaro.  With the count 3‑0 did you think of giving him the green light?

MAURO MAZZOTTI:  He had a green light.  He had a green light.  It was his decision.

Q.  Can you talk a little bit about the performance that Spain has had in the development of baseball.

MAURO MAZZOTTI:  Well, I think that Major League Baseball will be very happy with the role we've been playing here.  We are competing with the strongest teams in the world in this sport, and as we can see, we can play, but from the beginning we have to walk as few people as possible, and we get timely hits.

Q.  Today's game up until the ninth inning there was a chance, as you said.  If Barbaro would have hit a home run, you would have won the game.  That validates yesterday's result that a lot of people were maybe surprised, because yesterday's game was 3‑0, however you guys showed today that you can compete at this level with these teams, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

MAURO MAZZOTTI:  Well, we're happy with what we're doing up until now.  And logically now we don't have a chance to go on to the second round, but we still have a chance of winning a game and we'll be invited again to the Classic, and that's tomorrow's objective.  Logically from the beginning we had very few chances with our group of classifying, but we have not lost hope of winning a game and being here in the next edition of the Classic.

Q.  How do you evaluate what you've seen of your team these last two games?  And how much did it mean that Tony Peña had to bring in Fernando Rodney to stop Spain?

MAURO MAZZOTTI:  Well, baseball is baseball.  There are times where you can't save a pitcher; you have to do what you have to do.  They put Rodney in because things were getting tough, a couple hits, a walk, hit by a pitch.  So they didn't take any chances.  This shows the respect that Tony Peña has for the game and for us.

Q.  How have you seen your team these two days?

MAURO MAZZOTTI:  We see them well.  In the beginning we couldn't score runs, we didn't have a hit.  We were in a position to make a run.  It was quite difficult because of pitchers having to make good pitches because we didn't score.  When we started to score, the game opened up a little bit, and we were still in the fight.