March 9 Team Mexico Pregame interview

Q. Rick, regardless of what happens today and how this group shakes out, how proud are you of the guys for fighting to the end against Italy and then coming out after the loss and playing the type of game that they played last night?

RICK RENTERIA: Well, we have been talking about it since the beginning. These guys seemingly came together quite quickly. Even after the first workout that we had, they were quite united then. They worked extremely well in the work that we were doing.

And proud I think isn't a strong enough word for how I feel about what they have done, especially after the game against Italy and us being able to go ahead and do this against the U.S. and they didn't quit.

And that's just part of the game. Italy was just a game, and the U.S. was a game. It was just a game.
We have another one today. We're enjoying -- we enjoyed the moment last night, but that's done. It's time to get after it today.

Q. Rick, Canada has 10 lefties. How do you deal with that?

RICK RENTERIA: Yeah, you hope that your opener would do their job with left-handers or right-handers, because they are the ones that can work with both, but, yeah, it's going to be happy to have Romo, Rodriguez, have four guys who can do the job. So they're -- and Oliver Perez is the other one. So they're available to work with us.

Q. What do you think about the job, the offense? What do you think, the productive outs, the stuff that people don't see? You're very happy? I mean, the job is worth it, right?

EDGAR GONZALEZ: Yes, of course. We came here knowing that we had good pitching opportunities. Everybody's responded, everybody's done their job, and we are going to try and keep pushing ahead. The productive outs are the most important. We have to try and make people, move people, move runners, put the ball where it's needed. Starting from the first inning, that's what starts everything. All our possibilities are there.

Q. The outfield is an advantage in this park in this ballpark, right?

EDGAR GONZALEZ: Yes, there's a lot of room. This is huge. You see that when you are in left field. You see that if you make good contact, the ball -- if you make good contact, the ball's going to go wherever you want.

It helps you. It gives you confidence if you can see better.