Stanton Puts a Ball Through Windshield

Remember that time Giancarlo Stanton put a dent in the Miami Marlins' new scoreboard?

And the time he blasted one past Josh Roenicke, 494 feet, the longest home run in the Majors last season?

And then there was the time he crashed a ball through a D'backs' employee's windshield.

Yes, today the slugger added to the list of things he's broken. And he's not clumsy...he can just hit baseballs very, very far! And as the Team USA rep in the MLB Fan Cave, WBC Edition, I can securely say that I'm very glad he's on my side!

Who knows what damage Giancarlo will do as Pool D heats up this weekend, but I'm sure opposing pitchers will be shaking in their cleats. And by the laws of nature, I might just find myself riding down the homerun slide once or twice. :)