Cano Interview March 7

Q. A victory against the most difficult team in the group on paper. Talk to me about the importance of getting this first victory. And how is the team right now mood wise in terms of chemistry?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, right now our mood is good, knowing that this is like a playoff. I mean, you have to win two games out of three, and the important thing is to win the first one. Well, we celebrated today, but we know that we have a second game on Saturday. We're not going to be overconfident, so we don't let the same thing happen to us. The mood is good, and now it's time to rest.

Q. What importance has it had, compared to other Classics, the fact that you had more chances to play exhibition games earlier than in previous years?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, how can I tell you? I didn't see much of a difference because the previous one we practiced, we played how can I explain? We hit first and the mood is good, and that's the energy that many weren't able to come, but thank God the group we have has good energy, good chemistry, and that's what we hope, to have the same mood for Saturday.

Q. There is excitement with the Dominican team here. The stadium is full for the game. Why so much emotion playing in Puerto Rico?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, I say it's like everywhere when there are a lot of Dominicans here, and playing Puerto Rico there's always, "we beat you, we beat you." But the truth is that for me as well as for the team, it's more than just about pride. To see how Puerto Ricans treat us, see how they receive us, and to have the Classic to be here again, it's something to be proud about. And I hope they keep on treating us well like that always.

Q. You drove in three important runs for the Dominican Republic. For you how easy was this victory? How comfortable did you feel at the plate? And there's a hash tag that's like an Oriental thing that says "I love Robinson Cano." What do you think about that?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, first of all, we were not comfortable. We knew we were against a very difficult team. We were able to score runs and get ahead. There was rain, it stopped, but we were able to score. And that commercial thing, that's really funny.

Q. Mark Teixeira got injured, and the Yankees are going to start without several of its most important players. How does that influence your playing 100 percent in this tournament? And how do you face the risk of getting an injury trying to play as best as possible?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, first of all, I don't play 100 percent here, I play 150, because after here we don't know where we're going to go. If we reach the finals and we win, well, it's ending close to the season. Same thing, going to the gym and resting. I don't think about negative things. God knows why things happen when they happen, and I'm going to give 100 percent of myself, help my team and get ready for the season.

Q. Talk to me about the play with José Reyes. It seemed like you do it all the time the way you did it.

ROBINSON CANO: Well, how can I say? That's a play that it's we all know that José Reyes, we've been playing for a long time. It's something that you as a second baseman and shortstop have to be ready for any shot. It's something that's never been talked about when we played together, which was four years ago. But really I do know I'm playing next to somebody who is a superstar, one of the best shortstops in the game, and you saw him tonight.

Q. The next game is with Spain, a team that is comprised of Latin American players. What do you think is going to happen that game?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, everything is unpredictable in baseball. We are going to face a team, but we are not going to be overconfident, and we're going to give the best of ourselves.

Q. What does it mean for you guys in your career playing in the last year of a contract to play in this World Classic at 150 percent?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, how can I tell you? I'm not thinking about contracts. I still have a year with the Yankees, and my mentality is to help the team to win in the Classic and to enjoy it with my teammates. They are superstars, and you can see them on the other side, and now at least have a chance to share with them, share ideas, help each other out and learn from them.