Mexico postgame interviews March 7

THE MODERATOR: We'll go ahead and get started with team Mexico. Open it up for questions.

Q. Rick, you've seen Sergio Romo from the other side many times. With today's performance, did you see anything different than you normally see from him during the regular season or what we saw in the postseason last year?

RICK RENTERIA: Not really. When you think about it, he had a couple fly balls that were hit out there that our left fielder was able to get to and just wasn't able to corral them and finish it off. So they would have just been typically fly ball outs.

And he had to work through that particular inning. Ended up getting to 25 or 26 pitches. But I thought he was working effectively. A couple balls got away and we just weren't able to overcome it.

Q. Rick, you had a plethora of choices for your starting pitching for the series. What led you to go with Rodrigo today and how do you have it set up now for the rest of it?

RICK RENTERIA: A lot of it has to do with when they were throwing during the spring. We have to kind of stay within that realm for their particular clubs. We're not going to try and shift them out of those days.

So it ended up working out that both Rodrigo and Aceves were on the same days as pitching in Spring Training for their particular season. So it just happened to work out that way.

And we have tried to accommodate both, the use that we have for them with our club and the use that their particular clubs have for them. It's one of the things that you kind of try to balance, and so we're trying to balance that as best we possibly can.

Q. Is that -- so Gallardo tomorrow, or is that

RICK RENTERIA: Yovani will go tomorrow, that's correct.

Q. And have you set the Game 3 starter yet?

RICK RENTERIA: We go right now we'll go with Yovani, and we'll see what our options are tomorrow.

Q. Could Romo go tomorrow if you need him?

RICK RENTERIA: We were starting to worry a little bit because we got up to 25 pitches, obviously, or 26. In the tournament, you have a 30 pitch mark which limits you then to having a day off. And we were fortunate enough to have him get through that one inning. And, yeah, as I think Bochy says all the time, all hands on deck.

Q. Yeah, Bochy is probably a little concerned about him right now?

RICK RENTERIA: I think it wasn't as much as it might seem like a stressful outing for him, for him it's he goes after it. He's not really a guy that I worry about from a physical standpoint.

Q. The other standpoint, he's an emotional guy. Was he pretty upset with himself?

RICK RENTERIA: He was upset, as was the whole club. One of the things that I think when we came into the clubhouse, these guys, they take this to heart. I think every team takes it to heart. And you can see the emotion that Italy had when they came out on top.

And it's well deserved. They deserved to be happy about their victory. As well the guys in the clubhouse when we came in were feeling the pain of that loss.

I will tell you the one thing that they did say after a few minutes is, You know what? Tomorrow's another day. Keep your heads up, because we battled. If we had quit, I would have said I would have been very upset.

But we didn't quit. We kept fighting we kept playing the game. And it became a pretty damn good ball game out there, and we just fell a little short. Excuse my French.