Volquez Interview March 6

EDINSON VOLQUEZ: For me it's a big honor, man. It's why I thank those guys to give me the opportunity to pitch the first game of the WBC, and it's exciting. I think my country is going to watch the game, and I think everybody is excited with us.

Q. What's it going to be like facing the Venezuelan team, the powerful team that they are?

EDINSON VOLQUEZ: We're going to do our best, and we know how to play. We're going to compete. I know they have a very good team right now, and I think everybody in the clubhouse knows what we can do against everybody right now. So we're going to do our best over there and compete with those guys.

Q. After watching 28 hits yesterday, what do you think of the club that's playing behind you?

EDINSON VOLQUEZ: You know, we play together. We're excited, like I said before, and we're going to do whatever we have to do the win the game. Everybody watched the game yesterday and everybody started talking about our team.

Q. Does making a start in the WBC, is your approach any different than a regular season game?

EDINSON VOLQUEZ: I don't think so because I do a pretty good workout back in Dominican, and I pitched in spring training two games before I came here, and I think we're ready to go.

Q. What about having an all‑star team behind you? Does that change your mindset knowing what you have playing behind you?

EDINSON VOLQUEZ: No, it's great, playing with those all‑star guys right behind me. We're more secure, you know those guys are going to make nice plays for you, and it's exciting.

Q. Is there anything you can take from your 2009 experience that you are one of the few pitchers that are a veteran on this staff?

EDINSON VOLQUEZ: You know, it's always a good experience. It wasn't too good because we lost, but it's a good experience for you in your life, in your career, when you start getting old. It was great, great opportunity to be in the WBC in 2009. This year I feel more comfortable right now, like pitching in the WBC, and in Puerto Rico you're going to see a lot of Dominican fans over there, and there's a lot of good support for us.

Q. What do you think the general mood of this team is? I think you touched on it earlier as we play the final exhibition today and get ready to go to Puerto Rico?

EDINSON VOLQUEZ: Yeah, today is going to be the last game we're going to play over here, and everybody I think is ready to go. Everybody was doing what they had to do to get ready for their team.