Australia Postgame Interview March 4

THE MODERATOR: Manager Jon Deeble and outfielder Tim Kennelly. Jon, if you want to open it up with some remarks on your thoughts on tonight's game.

JON DEEBLE: I think the Korean team pitched extremely well, and we struggled to get a big hit with runners in scoring position to try and get us on the board. It's always tough when you give up three in the first inning and you're playing from behind the whole time. That was tough. Outside of the three runs in the first inning I thought it was a pretty tough a pretty good ballgame. But again, you can't win if you don't score any runs.

Q. Tim, your thoughts on you were able to get a couple of hits tonight but your thoughts on the Korean pitchers?

TIM KENNELLY: I thought they threw well. They hit their spots. You could see from the dugout that they were working down in the zone the whole game. They were working that knee pretty well. I thought the starting pitcher threw well, started things pretty well, and all the relievers came in and did a good job, too.

Q. Australia now has two losses, so according to the results of your game against Netherlands, you will face some difficulty. How will you play tomorrow's game?

JON DEEBLE: We've got to score a lot of runs and not let the opposition get any, simple as that. We've still got a pulse, we're still in it, and we've got to hope that Korea beat Taiwan, and we can score some runs and keep the Netherlands to none or one run. We hope that Taiwan win 11 10.