Brazil postgame interviews: March 3, 2013

Q.   Was a very good, solid ballgame through the middle of the innings.  How was your impression so far?

BARRY LARKIN:  You know, once again, it was a very competitive ballgame.  They came up with a couple big hits in the middle of the ballgame, and they scored in two innings.  We had runners on base early in the ballgame, and Jimenez made pitches when he had to.

But it was a competitive ballgame.  Guys went out there to fight.  Unfortunately we came up short today.

Q.  What's Rienzo's outing for today?  I think he pitched very well.

BARRY LARKIN:  He struggled with his control early, but then he was able to settle down.  He was kind of in a groove when he got to that 65‑pitch limit, and he went over the limit finishing that last hitter.

But he pitched well.  There was some disagreements with the home plate umpire for balls and strikes, but he's a very competitive player and we're proud of him.

Q.  Now you have one game left against Team China, and are you looking for a first win in the WBC tournament against China?

BARRY LARKIN:  We try to win every ballgame we play.  That will be our next opponent.  And so we'll prepare and do whatever we have to do to try to win that game.

Q.  You went 0‑for in the last contest, but today you got two base hits.

DANIEL MATSUMOTO:  Yes, last night's contest, I was very disappointed.  But today, I've got the first base hit in the third at‑bat.

Q.  How do you feel about team Brazil?  I think the team played very well.

DANIEL MATSUMOTO:  Yes, last night's game, today's game, I was hitting clean‑up, and I couldn't hit on the good situation.  So the fault ‑‑ everything is my fault.  It's all on me.

Q.  Tell me about Cuba, what's your general impression of Team Cuba?

DANIEL MATSUMOTO:  Yes, they are very aggressive from the beginning of the inning.  And the pitchers, they don't issue a walk that much, and they are very good ballplayers.

Q.  After you played against Cuba, in the future, if you have a next game against Cuba, what's your game plan against Cuba in the future?

BARRY LARKIN:  Once again, I think that I was very impressed with the pitching.  Certainly knew that the players were going to be aggressive.  Good defensive ballclub, free‑spirited ballclub.  Players play with a lot of confidence, and when you come to play against Cuba, you're going to have to come and bring your best.  And that's what I expected and that's exactly what I saw today.

As far as in the future, I don't think we will change our game plan at all.  Once again, it was a competitive ballgame.  If the ball bounced one way or the other, we had a chance to win the that ballgame.  I think our pitchers did a nice job.  We missed some assignments defensively, which you can't make mistakes against good ballclubs and Cuba is a very good ballclub.

Q.  You played against both Japan and Cuba, and I think you are the only manager having big experience so far and I know it's tough to compare only two games' experience but as a member of the Japanese media, I have to ask that question.  As of your view, who is more strong, who is more tough competitors in your vision?

BARRY LARKIN:  That's exactly why we play the games.  Baseball is like that.  You play a game, and the way the ball bounces is what you have to deal with.  You put people in situations to be successful.  That's all you can do as a manager.  You know, but the players play the game.

I know playing against Japan, it was a very good ballclub.  Cuba is a very good ballclub.  Different styles, certainly.  But two very good ballclubs, and it will be interesting to see when they do play each other how the game comes out.