March 2 Joong-Il Ryu interview, Korea

THE MODERATOR: Would you like to start and give us your thoughts on tonight's game?

JOONG IL RYU: First of all, I'd like to apologize to Korean people that we showed the worst game.

Q. Also, we trusted our field team, but there was a series of errors on the fielding part, so we cannot practice like this anymore. How will you respond in the next game?

JOONG IL RYU: I'd like to mention before we show one of the worst games in our history, of course, in the fielding part, and then our pitcher showed very bad conditions. So I think overall it was not good. So tomorrow we will have one more day of practice and then we will be prepared for the game against Australia and Chinese Taipei.

Q. I think it will not be easy to align the team in just one day. So how will you boost up the energy inside the team?

JOONG IL RYU: Well, I think we can maybe raise it within just one day, but tomorrow we'll take some time and we'll do our best.

Q. So from the preparation of games, the lineup was not good, but today the lineup was not good either. Any plans to change?

JOONG IL RYU: So we had only four hits in this game. The game was not well led, I believe. I think there were some things that we could do more about the offense.