Worth noting

• Manager Mike Matheny said he still hasn't determined whether he'll hold an intrasquad game before opening Grapefruit League play on Saturday. Rain cancelled the Cardinals' planned intrasquad game last year. This spring, Matheny already has fewer workout days in the schedule because of the World Baseball Classic.

"I'm going to wait and see what we look like and see how things are going," Matheny said. "I'll see what we've got accomplished. You always put a day in there to go that direction if you need it, and sometimes it's to break up the monotony more than anything else. But [Saturday] is not that far away and we have a lot left to accomplish, so I'm not sure we will."

• Matheny said the Cardinals have made plans to schedule at least one 'B' game against the Marlins this spring. This will give the club an additional opportunity to find playing time for players in Major League camp. The Cardinals and Marlins share a Spring Training complex in Jupiter, Fla.

• Just days after the heat index hit 90 degrees, the Cardinals began workouts on Sunday in sub-50 degree temperatures. The workout schedule did not last as long as it did on Saturday, but players and staff participated in an autograph signing afterward.