Worth noting

• Catcher Russell Martin is finding that camping with the Pirates, following two Spring Trainings with the Yankees, has slightly … um, less media congestion. "It's a little different," he nodded, and smiled. "You can just take care of business, do your work, and not worry about any off-the-field stuff."

• Is left-hander Jonathan Sanchez this spring's version of Jo-Jo Reyes? Last year, the Pirates brought the veteran lefty Reyes to camp as rotation insurance, but he never made it to Pittsburgh despite a solid run at Indianapolis (6-2, 2.67 ERA) before leaving the organization. Sanchez is in this camp also on a non-roster basis, albeit with more recent success, as evidenced by his 13-9 record for the Giants in 2010.

"There are some similarities -- as far as the bounce-back angle is concerned. But [Sanchez's] pedigree is a little bit longer," Hurdle said. "He's here to compete for a spot in the starting rotation, that's how we're going to look at him, at least initially."