Eckstein has managerial aspirations

VIERA, Fla. -- Rick Eckstein has been the hitting coach of the Nationals since 2009 and he indicated that he would like to manage in the big leagues someday. It would not come as a surprise if he became a candidate to replace Davey Johnson as the manager of the team after the 2013 season.

Eckstein has never managed in the big leagues, but was a third-base and bench coach for the IBAF Baseball World Cup in 2005, and was Johnson's bench coach at the World Baseball Classic.

Asked if he would like to manage in the big leagues, Eckstein said, "The aspirations to manage are always there. But whatever contract you sign, whatever title you have to your name, that's where your total focus has to be. But I would have to say yes, I do see myself in that [managerial] role. Right now, I'm the hitting coach and I need to put all my focus there and continue to do the good things that I'm capable of doing in that role."