Yanks may mull Gardner-Grandy position swap

TAMPA, Fla. -- Yankees manager Joe Girardi hasn't ruled out the idea that Brett Gardner and Curtis Granderson could flip positions this season, but a decision hasn't yet been made.

"If you were going to make a change, you would make it pretty early in Spring Training," Girardi said. "As of today, we haven't really decided that we're going to make a change. We haven't had a lot of discussions about making a change."

Granderson said on Monday that he would be on board if the Yankees decided to shift him to left field, installing Gardner in center field.

Girardi said that one reason the Yankees may not make a change is their concern that a move could impact Granderson, either defensively or offensively, as he adjusts to playing a relatively new position.

"I know that idea was thrown up during the offseason, about moving Grandy to left," Girardi said. "But you're talking about a guy who's extremely important to our lineup. Do you want to? Some people think a position change affects a bat. Do you want to do that? That's something we would have to think about."

Girardi said that, as of right now, his outfield would have Gardner, Granderson and Ichiro Suzuki from left field to right.