Championship game added to Caribbean Series

HERMOSILLO, Mexico -- The 2013 version of the Caribbean Series guarantees drama, because for the first time since the tournament was revived in 1970, an actual championship game will take place.

Previously, the Caribbean Series was played strictly in double round-robin format, giving the crown to the club that finished with the best record after six days. That has led to some anti-climactic finales at the four-nation tourney.

Like last year, when the Leones del Escogido -- which returns as the Dominican Republic representative -- clinched the title on the second-to-last day after winning its first four games, then lost the last two games, which didn't matter.

This year, a new format has extended the Series an extra day, with a championship game pinning the teams with the two best records taking place on Thursday.

"It's perfect," said Escogido infielder Miguel Tejada, who signed a Minor League deal with the Royals this offseason. "I like the competition, and I think [the new format] is good for every country."