Third to first

• One of the more humor-filled sessions of the weekend came Sunday during the "What's your favorite" seminar with Nate Jones, Hector Santiago, Tyler Flowers and John Danks. One young lady asked for each player's favorite reality show, to which Flowers replied, "Real Housewives of Miami," and then blamed it on a lack of televisions in his house and being forced to watch it with his wife.

When another fan asked what player from history would be their choice to go deep against, Danks picked his friend and former teammate Mark Buehrle. Jones selected Babe Ruth, because then as he explained, "I can say, 'I got you, Babe.'"

• Look for Alejandro De Aza to move to left field if Dewayne Wise or Jordan Danks are in the starting lineup.

"If there's a preference, if he has the choice between left and center, if I bring in Jordan Danks or Wise, it would be left," White Sox manager Robin Ventura said of De Aza. "And those guys would rather be in center. It's a natural thing to move them there."

Ventura also expressed pleasure in Dayan Viciedo's defensive development and mentioned again how people forget that Viciedo is only 23 and has moved from third to first to right to left since joining the White Sox in 2008.

• Give Danks credit for his self-deprecating humor when asked to pick a White Sox Opening Day starter.

"I know it's not going to be me," said Danks, who is battling back from August arthroscopic surgery. "I don't think it was going to be me if I'm healthy."