At Bat 2009 app is available At Bat 2009 app is available

Dan Sinema is one of the many baseball fans who helped make At Bat one of the most popular iPhone apps in Apple's iTunes App Store last season, and he could not wait for the introduction of the new version.

"I love the app, and I am stoked about 2.0. ... Gameday Audio is the feature I was hoping for, and you guys read my mind," he wrote in an e-mail to "It is literally my favorite app. In season, I check it more than e-mail."

Get ready for another game-changer, because a vastly enhanced At Bat 2009 has just been released for the iPhone and iPod Touch at the App Store. The new version costs just $9.99 and is good through the 2009 postseason.

Here are some of the highlights:

Gameday Audio: As Sinema noted, At Bat 2009 will feature the addition of Gameday Audio. Fans now will be able to listen to live audio broadcasts of every Major League Baseball game from the Braves-Phillies Opening Night game this Sunday through the final game of the World Series -- wherever they go and without any blackout restrictions. Each game will offer fans the choice of listening to the home or away broadcasts. This is not your grandparents' transistor radio.

Live scoreboard: View statistical game data from current, previous and future games. Gameday: Follow a detailed pitch-by-pitch game presentation featuring five interactive screens during each of the three game modes: preview, in-game and postgame. Look for exclusive pitch type, location and speed data. Imagine being in a Major League ballpark and having this in your hand. You can watch a pitch and then immediately check to see more than that pitch-speed readout on a scoreboard.

Video highlights: Get real-time, high-quality video highlights delivered directly to the iPhone or iPod Touch quickly after they happen on the field.

Just go to the App Store and click on Sports, and you will see the At Bat 2009 icon right there. When it showed up, that told you that Opening Day finally was just about here -- another way you can truly feel the electricity of real games. And if you click on At Bat 2009, you can see that the glowing reviews have begun:

Reviewer: Phills Fan. Subject: "The Best Way to Follow Baseball." Review: "At Bat has it all, including Gameday Audio and live pitch by pitch. It's worth every penny. Thanks MLB."

Reviewer: here in cali. Subject: "Get it" Review: "Worth it."

Reviewer: cjames1966. Subject: "Nicely done." Review: "I particularly appreciate the fact that there is not a blackout restriction on this app. I would like to see video in a future version, too. Great value for the price -- I was expecting it to be more expensive."

Reviewer: x.BigRedDog.x. Subject: "Better than last year!" Review: "Nice."

Reviewer: Luigi d'Tank. Subject: "Worth the wait." Review: "I love the Gameday Audio feature and the price is great. A must-have for baseball fans."

Those are examples, and feel free to leave your own review there after you order it. This is a continuation of an ongoing synergy between MLBAM and Apple to bring baseball to fans in digital breakthroughs. Many fans already are easily downloading a high volume of clips at the iTunes Store in the different specialty areas there, including Games of the Year. Now enjoy the true game-changer for 2009.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor of This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.