Selig addresses A's stadium issue, instant replay

Selig addresses A's stadium issue, instant replay

Selig addresses A's stadium issue, instant replay
Commissioner Bud Selig answered questions before Game 2 of the World Series and touched on several topics.

In a wide-ranging conversation with the media on Thursday at AT&T Park in San Francisco, Selig addressed the issues of the Oakland A's pursuit of a new stadium in San Jose and the expansion of instant replay.

On the subject of the A's, who would like to relocate to San Jose -- 40 miles south of Oakland in the area known as Silicon Valley that is San Francisco Giants territory -- the Commissioner said he continues to communicate with members of a committee he formed in March 2009 to assess feasibility.

"I have a committee very hard at work, ongoing with all that, and they continue to work hard," Selig said. "I've been talking to them a lot the last four or five days. There isn't anything more to say. I know you'd like to talk about it. I'm sensitive to that, I appreciate it. But let's concentrate on Game 2 of the World Series."

Oakland owner Lew Wolff has been seeking a new ballpark, and recent reports indicated that the success of the 2012 A's, who won the American League West and lost in five games to the Tigers in the AL Division Series, could expedite action to find a more suitable home for the A's than the outdated Coliseum.

"The way they ended their season was remarkable. They played brilliantly," Selig said of the A's. "They extended the Tigers. They had a remarkable year, a year that certainly nobody forecast. I mean, it really was. It's what made this year, I think, so interesting in so many different ways. We had teams that nobody thought would win, and the second Wild Card really produced a lot of things it's supposed to produce, and that's interest the last two months of the season, and it did.

"I don't think there's any question that they need a new ballpark. That would not be a shocking front-page story, I don't think. I don't feel any pressure. The only thing that will guide me ultimately on every issue is what I think is in the best interest of baseball. That is the only pressure I ever feel."

Regarding expanded replay, Selig said he would consider it for hard-hit balls down the outfield lines and for balls that fielders appear to trap.

"I don't know that I'll change the rules, but we'll certainly be ready for what I call bullets down the right- and left-field line and for trapped balls," Selig said. "I will reconvene my committee, as well as all the clubs, to discuss instant replay.

"In talking to a lot of people, really, I know there has been a lot of comment of a lot of people who have very strong opinions."

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