Oct. 25 Jhonny Peralta pregame interview

Q. You guys are used to when you lose a game, forgetting about it immediately. Is that what happened last night, you guys just threw it out of your head and said we have a new game to play today?

JHONNY PERALTA: Yeah, you know, we tried to forget about the game last night, yesterday, and tried to come in today and tried to win this game today.

Q. In your mind what changed for this club late in the season and then to this point? You really put it all together and dominated the Yankees, for instance.

JHONNY PERALTA: Just about me or --

Q. The whole club.

JHONNY PERALTA: Oh, the whole club. We tried to play this game. When we faced the Yankees, that's what we do, and we try to be positive and try to win every game.

Now we're here in the World Series, and we'll see what happens out here.

Q. Before the season a lot of people were a little concerned about how Cabrera was going to be able to play defensively at third base, and it seems like that was not as big an issue as some people might have thought. What was your view of that playing beside him all year?

JHONNY PERALTA: You know, about Miguel Cabrera, that's what a lot of people think, they worry about the difference for him, but he's working really hard in Spring Training. I mean, it surprised me, too. He's doing really good with defense. Nobody was waiting for that, but he's unbelievable.

Q. What types of support do you guys give Valverde? He's struggling, obviously, and they're trying to get him straightened out. What's the role of his teammates in trying to support him and seeing if they can get him straightened out?

JHONNY PERALTA: It happens, you know, it happens for a lot of players. Valverde right now, it's not a good moment for him. But we try to support, we try to talk to him and let him know forget about what happened yesterday or the day before and try to go for the next game.

Q. What makes Jim Leyland such a successful manager?

JHONNY PERALTA: You know, Jim Leyland is for me a really good manager. He gives a lot of confidence to the guys. This is the one thing that he does more than everything. He's an unbelievable manager. He's happy every day. Every day he wants to win the game, so he makes everybody happy.

Q. Jim said earlier that he thought you guys had some pretty good swings. Obviously last night you didn't get the results. At the same time I know Cabrera said last night that the run support seemed to make a big difference with him. How did you see how Zito's pitching unfolded as the game went along and also how your guys' offense unfolded?

JHONNY PERALTA: You know, Barry Zito, he did a really good job yesterday. He didn't throw really hard like everybody said, but he had good control of the ball, good breaking balls. They made a better offense than how we did yesterday, so that's good for them.

Q. You guys train in Florida, they train in Arizona, you don't play them in the regular season, you've probably never seen a lot of their pitchers. How difficult is that to prepare? How much can video do to prepare you for what you actually see at the plate against their pitchers?

JHONNY PERALTA: You know, this is something that, like you say, we never face each other. It's kind of harder when you don't know a lot of the pitchers and the hitting for them. So it makes it harder. You need to adjust to it, and we see the video, but it's nothing like you're doing there on the real field.