Oct. 24 Madison Bumgarner pregame interview

Q. A few years ago you had said pitching in the World Series was kind of like pitching in a high school state championship game.

MADISON BUMGARNER: I didn't say that. Y'all made it sound that way, but I didn't say that.

Q. Second time around, how would you compare this time around to last?

MADISON BUMGARNER: I mean, it's the same, just pitching in the World Series. It's not going to be much different than the last time. I mean, it's what you work for all year, it's what you work for your whole life, and I'm just thankful to be back.

Q. Matt Cain did acknowledge that he teased you, he was probably one of the ones who teased you about that comment at the time. Do you remember some flak that you got from the guys?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Yeah, because that's what happens when people don't write what you say.

Q. Why don't you tell us what you meant maybe.

MADISON BUMGARNER: Well, we don't need to talk about the last World Series.

Q. I'm just wondering what might concern you the most about having a longer layoff than before a normal start.

MADISON BUMGARNER: I mean, in the past a whole lot that -- I hadn't really been able to tell a big difference with the longer layoff. You might feel a little fresher, but you're doing your work on the side and stuff. So it shouldn't be a big difference with command and all that.

You know, there's no way to really tell until you get out there and get going. But hopefully everything should be fine.

Q. It's been my impression that most recently your velocity is down a little bit. Have you been able to get it up, and are you tired after a long season?

MADISON BUMGARNER: You know what, I think we were going through some mechanical issues that -- just some small things that might have affected my arm and made it more difficult to throw, and I think that's really all it was.

I think we've got it fixed. Like I said before, there's no way to tell 100 percent until you get out there and get going game speed. But hopefully that's all it was. But regardless, whether the velocity is up tomorrow or down or whatever, still got to find a way to make pitches and compete, keep us in the game.

Q. You started to touch on this, but what was it that you noticed in your delivery that you were doing and how confident are you that you've fixed it?

MADISON BUMGARNER: I mean, I'm not going to discuss mechanics right now, but I think we got it fixed. Me and Rags (Righetti) have been working hard the last week or so, and things have been feeling a lot better, off speed stuff has been a lot sharper. Hopefully I can just carry it over to the mound tomorrow.

Q. Was this last week hard on you at all, or was it pretty fun to watch what these guys did, knowing that Tim is doing something for the team coming out of the bullpen, Zito has been there before where he had some lumps?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Yeah, it always is. I mean, it sucked a lot to not go out there and pitch the way I wanted to, to ultimately be able to give us a chance, really. That wasn't fun at all. But watching everybody fight back and then pick me up, and everybody is picking everybody up right now, and that's what's special about our team.

Q. Picking up on that last question, to get another shot here, what does this start mean to you? Obviously it's the World Series, but for you personally what does this start mean?

MADISON BUMGARNER: I mean, you can't get -- I'm not really focused on anything about me right now. I just want to go out there and try to keep us in the game and do a good job. I haven't done that yet this postseason. It would be nice to go out there and throw better for us. Like I said, we've been working hard, and I think we've got everything ironed out. We'll just see tomorrow. Just got to go out and compete.

Q. Do you walk in across the field or did you come through the tunnel? Did you go out and see the field yet?

MADISON BUMGARNER: I've been out there for a second.

Q. Considering how much rain --

MADISON BUMGARNER: Oh, yeah, it looks good.

Q. The grounds crew did a lot, didn't they?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Yeah, I know all those guys pretty good, and they work hard and do a great job.

Q. How helpful is it to you having Posey back there knowing what you guys have been through, including in 2010, that game you pitched?

MADISON BUMGARNER: I mean, it's always nice to have somebody like that back there. He works extremely hard. He's one of the best catchers in the game already. He's been there before. You know, it makes it a lot easier on us pitchers to know that and have 100 percent confidence in the guy back there calling pitches and stuff, so it's good.

Q. Talking about the team picking you up, you and Lincecum two years ago were 6 and 1 in the postseason and this year it's been Zito and Vogelsong. Can you talk about the diversity of the pitching staff and how deep it is that you guys can do that?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Yeah, I think it's pretty unbelievable how good those guys have done. Cain has pitched some big games, too. They've done a great job, more than you could ever ask for. If it weren't for those two guys, we definitely wouldn't be where we're at right now.