Oct. 18 Lance Lynn pregame interview

Q.  Did you settle into a better routine maybe in between starts this time rather than pitching out of the bullpen three or four times and then starting the last time?

LANCE LYNN:  Yeah, I was able to do my normal routine as I would during the regular season.  So I'm prepared as I would be as it was a normal start during the season.

Q.  Where are you at sort of strength‑wise and all that right now at the end of the season?  And also, what kind of value was there for you in having that playoff start under your belt as you prepare for this next one?

LANCE LYNN:  I'm as strong as I've ever been all year, and the playoff start was good to get one.  Wish I could have done better the first time, but I got a lot to learn from that one.  I'm looking forward to the next one.

Q.  Either going to be 3‑1 or 2‑2.  Do you pitch differently, given either of those circumstances or do you feel differently going into one of those?

LANCE LYNN:  No, you wish to win, no matter if you're up or down or tied.  You're just trying to do your best to help the team win and see what happens.

Q.  Lohse talked before about how he wanted to experience an elimination sort of game, he hadn't been in that until this year.  Tomorrow is going to be big either way.  Maybe Lohse or Carp or what kind of advice have guys given you in similar situations?

LANCE LYNN:  They tell me to go be myself and pitch the way I'm capable of.  If I can do that we're going to be all right.  It's going to be a good game, both pitchers are going to come out and try to do what they have to do to win that game.  You can't try to do too much.  You've got to just stick with Yadi and kind of feel it out and pitch as well as you can.

Q.  You said you need to do better this time.  What exactly do you need to do in your mind better this time?

LANCE LYNN:  Not give four straight two‑out hits up in one inning.

Q.  In the first four appearances you made did you kind of enjoy coming out of the bullpen as much as you did last year in the playoffs and World Series?

LANCE LYNN:  Whenever you get the opportunity to pitch you enjoy it, no matter what the situation is or what you're doing.

We're in the playoffs.  It doesn't matter when you pitch or where you'll pitch as long as they feel that you can get the job done and they call your name.  It's enjoyable, no matter what the situation or the time of it.

Q.  Was this routine‑wise and active‑wise a normal time between starts or do you adjust anything at this point in the year?

LANCE LYNN:  No, everything was the same as it would have been during the season.  You have your normal rest.  You're able to do your normal things that you need to do in between with the bullpens and things like that.

So I'm looking forward to having that feeling going into this one.

Q.  If you would be the winning pitcher tomorrow, that would give you a total of 20 for the year.  What would that mean to you in your first full season?

LANCE LYNN:  It's a good first season as a starter.  You have a season like that when you're only 24, 25, gives you a lot to look forward to.  But when it's all said and done, you still have to keep working hard and keep trying to learn and get better every time.

The luxury I have is I have a Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright that will not let me not work hard to keep getting better and keep improving.  So it's an honor to have the success I've had this year, wouldn't have been able to do it without the team I've had behind me.  I'm just happy to be here in this situation.  We're playing good baseball.

Q.  What have you learned from those veteran pitchers?  Through the course of this year, being a starter for the first time, what lessons have you taken away from this year that maybe you didn't know about at the start of the season?

LANCE LYNN:  Just the grind of the season.  This is my first full 162‑game schedule and first time I think I've ever started over 25 games.  So to have those guys to teach me how to work in between starts, teach me when it's good to throw a longer side or shorter side.  You kind of ‑‑ you learn how to work around those days off and when you can work harder or when you need to work smarter.

Those guys, they know how to do it and they've done it successful for a while.  So it's a good group to learn from.

Q.  What do those guys do or say if they're displeased with anything they see from you?

LANCE LYNN:  They just look at me and tell me to do this differently or that differently.  And I usually do it differently.

Q.  You mentioned Yadi before.  Can you talk about what impact he has on you and what makes him such, by all accounts, such a special catcher?

LANCE LYNN:  You know, you see Yadi doing his work day in and day out.  The guy never wants to take a day off.  We have to force him to take a day off here and there during the season.  So you know that he wants to be the best.  In my opinion he is the best.  He does his homework on hitters.  He knows everything that they've done all year or what they've been doing in the last week or so in changing their approach to what we've been doing to them.

He has a great feel for what they're trying to do and he knows how we can be successful with doing what we do the best as that pitcher that's on the mound at that time.  You have the most faith that you can have with someone every time he puts down a finger you know that there's a good thought behind it.  He's not just down there putting fingers down for the heck of it.

Q.  It sounds like you talk to your fellow pitchers a lot about pitching between starts.  How often do you talk to Yadi about pitching between starts?

LANCE LYNN:  We'll talk after our start and then the day of the start.  So I get to talk to him twice in between starts.  Usually don't get ‑‑ usually don't make two starts in a row against a team.  So you're actually having more conversations with him over the series.  You just kind of ask him what he thinks about this or that throughout the day and he gives you his opinion.  And then you take it to the video room and see what you think and how you can use that to how you pitch.