Alou reflects on 1962 World Series loss to Yanks

Alou reflects on 1962 World Series loss to Yanks

Alou reflects on 1962 World Series loss to Yanks
ST. LOUIS -- Fifty years ago on Oct. 16, one of the most memorable days in San Francisco Giants history unfolded.

It also was one of the most excruciating.

The Giants lost Game 7 of the World Series to the New York Yankees, 1-0. Had Willie McCovey's game-ending line drive to Yankees second baseman Bobby Richardson traveled a few feet higher or to either side, the Giants would have won, since Matty Alou was on third base and Willie Mays was on second.

Giants special assistant Felipe Alou, part of general manager Brian Sabean's contingent attending the National League Championship Series, remembered the day all too well. Alou struck out after his brother Matty opened the ninth inning with a bunt single.

Felipe Alou also tried to bunt, as he was ordered to sacrifice. But his attempt rolled foul. As Alou recalled, the Giants took off the bunt sign and called for a hit-and-run. Alou fouled off that pitch before Ralph Terry retired him.

"I punish myself with that [memory]," Alou said Tuesday. "The fact that I didn't bunt and I became a manager myself makes the memory worse. To me, I didn't get my job done. If I would have bunted the guy over, we would have at least tied the game.

"A lot of baseball people, including managers, would say that they don't like bunts. But I do have a lot of respect for sacrifice bunts. Some of the biggest rallies I have witnessed came after a successful sacrifice bunt."