Leyland not second-guessing Game 4 loss

Leyland not second-guessing Game 4 loss

Leyland not second-guessing Game 4 loss
OAKLAND -- The worn-in couch in the manager's office at Comerica Park shows how many nights Jim Leyland has trouble sleeping over the course of a season. He'll second-guess himself after a tough loss, and he'll think ahead after a win.

This American League Division Series was not a stretch he has spent wide-eyed and awake when he should be sleeping. As tough as Wednesday's loss in Game 4 proved, Leyland said, he was fine.

A's vs. Tigers

"I went back to the hotel, to be honest with you, and I slept great," Leyland said. "I don't want to sound casual about this kind of stuff, because don't get me wrong, the game broke our heart. But at the same time you learn over the years that, like I always use the expression, you can't chew yesterday's breakfast."

How can Leyland rest easy after a game like that? Long story short, his team played a clean game, even during the ninth-inning A's rally that forced Game 5.

"I know this sounds crazy, because we were all a little heartbroken," Leyland said. "I wasn't as upset as everybody was last night and I'll tell you why. We didn't walk them. We didn't hit a batter. We didn't make an error. We didn't throw the ball away. We didn't make a bad fundamental play. They beat us. They earned it. They hit the ball. They stroked the ball off [Jose] Valverde good last night.

"Were we all a little heartbroken? Sure. But you know what, they earned it. We didn't kick the ball around. He didn't walk guys. Nobody made a stupid mistake. That's the beauty of the game, and they earned it."